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If you’ve read On Top Of Everything™ and found that Projecteze® made a difference in your life or business, please share your success story here.  If you have useful tips on how you have used or adapted the system, we welcome those as well. This is a moderated comment area - you should expect your posts to be reviewed and posted within 24 hours.



0 #8 Ruth Famojuro 2017-02-14 18:07
As an instructional design consultant, I frequently have multiple projects underway at once, for multiple clients. I just finished reading the book, and I love how simple yet comprehensive the system is, and with a tool I am already familiar with. It incorporates many of the concepts of other systems (priorities, lists, "mind like water"), but without the complexity. I was up and running in an hour, without having to purchase anything new. This is THE system for me. Can't wait to share it with others.
0 #7 Catherine Brownlee 2013-05-06 21:21
In this book, Laurence Seton provides a "simply" wonderful and highly effective system for professionals in any business. The simplicity of Projecteze is what keeps you going back to it.

If you find the speed and volume of your work consuming you, I highly recommend this book. Not only will it help you clear the clutter but it can also help you breath more freely when you leave the office at the end of the day.

Catherine Brownlee
0 #6 Jennifer 2012-10-08 13:24
I am a physician with a busy schedule. After years of trying many scheduling programs (it's amazing how much mediocre stuff is out there), I had the Projecteze system recommended to me by a time management consultant I'd hired (Yes, that's how bad it was). Although it meant having to read a book to learn it, it's been well-worth the effort.

I like that Projecteze is so simple and customizable. I can see why the author invented his own system. There are many programs out there that do "almost" what you want them to, but end up falling just short of the mark.

I expect I'll be using this system for many years to come.
0 #5 Rodney Daut 2012-05-26 12:34
This book has changed my life. The first time I made a Projecteze table I could feel the weight of the many responsibilitie s I had juggling in my mind slowly floated into their individual boxes on just... one... page.

I'm using Projecteze to plan my wedding and it's made the process manageable and fun. Before I decided to make the table for the wedding I was just kind of doing what my fiance asked me to do. Now I'm actively managing the project with her and it's exciting.

Finally, I have an online business that has shown reduced profits for the past few months. Since I had a lot to do I just kind of let it go thinking I'd get to working on it eventually. One night I decided to make a Projecteze table just for that business and I instantly knew what I needed to do to not only get the business to what it once was but also how to take it to new heights.

So thank you Laurence. Your system ought to be as popular as the others out there that promise the same benefits but which are usually much more complicated to use.
0 #4 Habiba Halari 2012-01-06 10:12
I have been using Projecteze now for about a year and a half. It really works and I want to thank you for sharing such a wonderful idea with everyone. The book was simple and very quick to read, the idea is simple and easy to implement and does not even require any special tools. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
0 #3 Jacki Hollywood Brown 2010-07-24 14:26
As a full-time military wife and mother and professional organizer my life can get very hectic. I've got to keep on top of everything so that things get done and my life stays balanced.

I mentioned my situation to colleague and POC President Kristie Demke. She suggested that I read the book On Top of Everything and implement the Projecteze system as it worked very well for her.

I purchased the book online at the On Top of Everything website and read it as soon as it arrived. It is well written and has many examples of how to use the Projecteze system and tables. Because it is so straight-forwar d and simple to understand, I was able to put the theory practice right away.

It works WONDERS!

Immediately I was able to see what I had already accomplished, what needed to be done and where to concentrate my efforts! I could keep track of all my tasks and projects. I was being proactive – working on the most important things first instead of reacting to whatever dropped on my desk.

I was also able to keep tabs on when I was expecting information from other people — something that I always had trouble with before. Now I'm following up instead of either bugging people or forgetting to contact them at all!

It is a great system and because it is based on MS Word people can use it on their mobile devices so they can take their Projecteze tables with them. They are easy to print out for those people who prefer a paper-based system.

It is really versatile and suits everyone! I will be definitely recommending it to my clients and colleagues!
0 #2 RFV 2010-05-10 17:03
From reading the book a month ago and implementing Laurence's table on a daily basis, I have been blown away by how well it works.

If you would like to never miss a thing regarding a schedule, your responsibilitie s, others' responsibilitie s, accountability (yours and others'), to-do's, goals, etc, Projecteze will help you get there. He's truly figured it out. It has completely changed my attitude towards work - and for the better.

I highly recommend this book!
0 #1 Adam Wilberding 2010-03-16 11:09
Purchased the book about one month ago and have been using a Projecteze table ever since. I enjoy the simplicity of using the table to stay on top of all my objectives, targets and deadlines. It just plain works! Thank you for sharing a great solution with the rest of the world!

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