On Top Of Everything - Press Kit

Can I really be On Top of Everything?
The short answer is yes you can. The secret is nothing mystical either. All you need is a good system that can capture your accountabilities (commitments and action items) in one place with just enough info about the task so you can deal with it efficiently when it resurfaces as your highest priority. The system needs to alert you as to which tasks are most important at any given time. It also needs to allow you to sort and find information when you need it. If all this sounds straight forward, it is. The problem is, it’s easier said than done. That is where Projecteze® comes in.

Why is Projecteze® necessary?
Project management systems are often overly complicated and focused on project requirements rather than meeting our own personal productivity needs. Other personal productivity or task management systems are often overly simplistic and cannot handle complex or diverse information effectively enough for project management. Where is the middle ground? We need a personal productivity tool, robust enough for project management that focuses on our self-management needs. This is where Projecteze fits in.

What is the story behind Projecteze?
The story of Projecteze has two parts. The first is a strong desire for work-life balance between personal productivity and success with family and personal time. The second is a frustration with existing project management and personal productivity systems. The result is Projecteze, a system and process that enables you to balance your life and career objectives as well as to find a functional middle ground between complex project management software and simplistic personal productivity systems.

This seems decidedly non-technical?
It is. We always seem to address problems by throwing technology at it. “Let’s see how much of the solution we can integrate together”, we say. These all-in-one solutions are great if you like complexity, technology and steep learning curves. Some of these solutions can be intuitive, highly functional and low cost but more often than not they are just the opposite. We spend too much time learning software and we fail to address the core challenge: managing ourselves and our tasks. We went in exactly the opposite direction with Projecteze and kept it simple with a focus on managing personal accountabilities.

Who is Projecteze for?
On Top Of Everything™ and Projecteze® are for people looking for a simple way to stay on top of everything in their life and take control of their time. Typically these people are entrepreneurs, project managers, business managers and executives but they are also students, volunteers and organizers of all sorts.

Does it really work?
It works when you work the system. Like anything else, you get out what you put in. The real magic with the Projecteze system is that you will see results and positive changes in your life if you use it long enough to develop the habits. We find it takes about a month for most people to get organized and get into the habit of staying on top of everything. Equally beneficial, Projecteze is a system you can use for the rest of your life.

Why No New Software?
Projecteze is a remarkable system that utilizes software we all have access to already. This existing familiarity eliminates a huge access and learning barrier for most people. The emphasis is moved from buying something or learning something new to a focus on developing the habits that generate the results we want.

Who is Projecteze Inc.?
Projecteze Inc. is a private training company focused on creating work-life balance. We write, speak and train to help people get and stay on top of everything, with a healthy balance in their life.

Who is Laurence Seton?
Laurence H. Seton is a Professional Engineer and a Project Management Professional (PMP) with the worldwide Project Management Institute. He has over 30 years of project management experience in manufacturing, land development, oil & gas, transportation, commercial property management, health care, training and management consulting.

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Do you have a video?

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