Time Management

Finally …. A Time Management System That Delivers

With no special gadgets or specialized software, and no steep learning curve!

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by a barrage of emails, telephone calls, meetings, project tasks and to do lists, there is hope. You really can stay on top of everything.

Don’t worry …. you won’t need to run out and buy any new software, a new smart phone or any other high-tech gadget.You likely already have everything you need.

Projecteze®: The Ultimate Organizational System is the answer

Projecteze is a deceivingly simple approach to time management. The beauty of Projecteze is its simplicity and sophistication. It handles both large complicated projects and specific detailed tasks with ease.

Projecteze is the brain child of Laurence Seton, a professional engineer and Project Management Professional (PMP). For years Laurence struggled to stay on top of everything across all of his projects. He had all the education and training to manage everything but he was still struggling with work-life balance.

Existing Systems Missed The Mark

Existing systems either focused on the overall project, were too time consuming and complicated, or they focused on individual tasks and could not handle multiple project details. No one solution could handle both the entire project and individual tasks easily and effectively.

The Solution Is Projecteze

Projecteze addresses your time management needs front and center, helping you manage all your projects and tasks from just one place. Now you can manage everything large and small - at work, home and school - using Projecteze.

Projecteze can be used by anyone - in any industry and at every level of an organization.

“Projecteze has revolutionized my life! Every day I am grateful for my Projecteze table. Thank you so much for a simply wonderful system."
Kristie Demke, President, Professional Organizers in Canada

Sharing The Innovation

The book "On Top Of Everything™: Manage Your Projects & Life With Ease" introduces the Projecteze® system and demonstrates its application at work, home and school. The book shares a personal narrative of Laurence's struggle to create work-life balance and introduces the time management solution he created.  “Most people can read the book in a few hours and be up and running with the system in days. And this is a system you can use for the rest of your life.” says Seton.

Is Projecteze For You?

If you want to:

  • Be better organized and more in control of your life
  • Have a greater awareness of what your highest priorities are
  • Respond more effectively to new issues and demands as they come up
  • Maintain a stronger focus and be less distracted
  • Reduce the mental clutter you’re carrying around
  • Reduce your stress levels
  • Increase your efficiency and personal productivity
  • Foster greater accountability by others you’re depending on
  • Keep up with high volumes of email and complex information
  • Manage multiple concurrent projects more effectively
    (in any business or industry)
  • Stay more aware of important project details over the short & long term
  • See the big picture across all of your projects
  • Enjoy clearer communications with others
  • Be more consciously present when you’re interacting with others
  • Leave your work at work
  • Find a healthy and enjoyable work-life balance
  • Improve quality time for you and your important relationships
  • Achieve greater success in all areas of your life• keeping it simple

then, YES, On Top of Everything and Projecteze are for you.

How Do I Get Started?

"On Top Of Everything" is available on Amazon at:

Amazon.com Amazon.ca Amazon.uk

Hear What Others Are Saying

“Laurence Seton presents a simple but highly effective project management system that in my 28 year career is among one of the easiest, most effective I have come across.”
Brian Milloy, Vice President Business Development, Corporate Oasis Inc

“Anyone who has made the decision to get control of their commitments and their time management process can surely gain from adopting and customizing Projecteze to their needs.”
Dr Janice Thomas, Program Director,
MBA in Project Management, Athabasca University

“Your ability to plan and complete projects is essential to your income, success and productivity, and Projecteze shows you exactly how to do it.”
Brian Tracy, Best Selling Author & Professional Speaker

“This book is a gold mine! People who want to get and stay organized will love it!”
Sheila Artus, Manager PM Office, Shaw Communications Inc.

“Projecteze is without a doubt one of the best project management tools I have ever come across. It has inspired me to take my project management skills to a whole new level.”
Derek Major, Founder & CEO, Eligeo IT

“Now that I've been exposed to Projecteze I can't imagine performing my job without it. I don't leave the office with the stress of wondering what has to be done the next day.”
Brian Celaire, Project Engineer, EnCana Corporation

“The Projecteze system is so simple that it borders on brilliance.”
George Roberts, George Roberts & Co.

Corporate Workshops

Most people are able to implement the Projecteze system very quickly however, corporate workshops are also available if you want to get an entire team up and running with Projecteze.

Please Contact us to learn more.